GITA 1 Projects

Computer Science 1

This Webpage is for my GITA 1 class. We
are learning to code in C#. I have several assingments
that i would like to show you. Programming
is difficult but I enjoy the challenge it brings me.

Goodbye Project


This project uses 4 different buttons to change the language of the text.

About Page Project


This project uses buttons to display a custom picture that we made. It also has options to change the font and color of the company description.

Mailing Label


This takes the information inputted by the user and turns it into a mailing label.

Car Rental


This project allows the user to put in a car's information and get the total amount of money owed. Also, it calculates and displays the manager stats.

BMI Calculator


This project allows the user to find their BMI by putting in their height and weight. Then it converts it into kilograms and kilometers

Car Rental 2


This project gives the option of three different cars to choose from and calculates the total price. There is an additional option for leather or a Boise sound system.

Test Score Calculator


This project allows the user to put in their test score percentage and get a letter grade. It also calculates the average grade and what score was better.

Dice Roll


This program simulates the rolling of two dice. It also keeps track of the percentage of getting each number. This is our first project using random numbers.

Craps Game


This is our version of the traditional Vegas Craps game. This project included all of the things we learned to that point.

T-Shirt Project


This project uses everything that we learned so far to create an interface that the user can use to order a t-shirt.

Slot Machine Project


This project uses ramndom numbers to roll three different slots with the possibility of 5 different pictures appearing. The game only lets you play if you deposit money.

Rock-Paper-Scissors Game


This is a game that allows two different players to pick "rock", "paper", or "scissors". The game calculates who wins and keeps track of the number of wins each player has. Player ones's choice is hidden after he selects it.

Fish 1


This program uses random numbers and an array to make a fish move left and right. The fish only moves within the array.

Fish 2D


This is a similar program to fish 1, but this one uses four directions instead of 2. The array is 8x3 squares and there is also a shark that tries to eat the fish. "Move Faster" and "Move Slower" buttons are also added.

College Football Bowl


The College Football program uses combo boxes and labels to display two different college football teams information. This also has a separate form that you can be directed to with a different button.



The classic game of Tic-Tac-Toe. All the same rules aply. I used a boolean to switch between player one and player two.



This project uses loops to display a certain order of numbers. The user inputs a number and the program displays the number based on the type of sequence. We used different sequences such as a basic sequence, even numbers, odd numbers, factorial sequence, and finally a fibonacci sequence. We also displayed the sum of the numbers at the bottom.

AI Game


My AI game includes one user controlled character and on AI controlled character. This was our first time using keyboard inputted movements. The AI character constantly tracks the user. Also, the player-controlled character can shoot a bullet towards the enemy. The game is over when the timer runs out or when the hero health is at 0.



This program uses a for loop to create stars that move outwards towards the corners of the screen. They move based on what quadrant of the screen they are in. It regenerates in a random spot when it hits the edge. This creates the illusion that you are flying through space in a space ship.

Fish Aquarium


In this project, I created a simulation of an aquarium using loops and an array. The fish move randomly around the aquarium. There is a shark in the tank that will eat the other fish. Bubbles move upwards on the screen and regenerate on the bottom of the screen. Also, there is a boat with a hook that moves back and forth that tries to catch fish.

Number Array


This project makes an array of 5000 numbers, 5000 times. It also generates a random number to search for and calculates the average amount of times searched.

Test Histogram


This program makes a string array of 100 random numbers that are put into groups based on their values.



In this game, a plane flies back and forth while you try to shoot the plane. The plane is also constantly dropping bombs. To win, you have to get the enemy plane to 0 health. If you lose all your health, the game ends.

Deep Sea Game


This was our final project of the year. We were tasked to make our own game, and I made Deep Sea Game. This game has a start page, an about page, and two unique levels. You win by defeating both bosses of the two levels.